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Why Corporates fail in Creating Videos?

Ever wondered where your video making idea could go wrong?

In this digital revolution age, most of the start-ups and those looking to create videos as part of their marketing strategy. They are the ones that are aware of videos being the preferred mode of consumption for their target audience. If you are one of those start-ups, this article will help you along the way.

You are sure that your videos would help you stand apart from your competitors but unable to convert your thoughts to a video.

Let’s discuss were exactly are you going wrong in the first place.

Love betrays

Entrepreneurs are in love with their company and they want to show all their affection. As a part of showing their affection, they will stuff the video scripts with all the information that they could give about their products.

Trust me; I have seen product owners sending me 7 pages of script (i.e. 5000 words) for a 90 seconds video. It is quite evident that you cannot explain everything in a single video.

Let me give you an example here. If you are making a 90 second video for your product or service it should ideally contain 180-200 words of script in it. Your video should must be heavy in visual graphics rather than plain text and it should concentrate only on major impactful points

Your team will have mixed opinions

Video making is an art in itself. Like all the other art forms, it is better until only few or individual minds are involved in the creation. In 99% of the cases, the decision for video is taken by senior management that involves too many people.

I understand that if you see videos of Apple, Adobe, etc., you might want to recreate similar videos. In some cases, the concept of Apple or Adobe may not really work for your type of business.

I really understand the creative ebb and flow in your head but creating video needs a far different set of skills unlike creating a brochure or the website. So, leave the task to its experts.

Even choosing video creators will be a humongous task

Another usual mishap that happens is they get cost/second from 10 vendors and even will send out a post in LinkedIn and other social media platforms. This will result in huge response from number of talented video creators, with amazing portfolios.

Believe me, there are tonnes of talented video creators who can work magic for you. But, how are you going to find the right vendor? Go through all the hundreds responds you received or check out each’s portfolio? This is going to be a work in itself.

The Mystery Behind

Let me demystify a secret for you. Creating a video is like creating a movie. You should consider the facts such as the budget, finding the right people and finally the right mindset to zero upon your Video.

A friend’s testimonial is the most trusted one, talk to people you know and find out how they created an amazing video for their business. Get acquainted with them and make your life easier.

The most important thing is having clarity on your budget. It can go a long way while creating a video. It’s no secret the more you want to invest the better the quality of work would be.

At the end of day if better resources are put in, the outputs are going to be crazy good, and teams that do quality video work don’t come in for lesser prices. Get a hold of the industry standards and make sure you put in appropriate investment into your video.

Some pointers to make a quick video


Keep it Short & Simple. If a 2 year old can’t understand your video, you’ve gone wrong somewhere.

2. Restrict the video to your top 3 features

There can be 10 key features, but we aren’t making a Sholay – Keep saying – 60 seconds.. 60 seconds ..like “Aaaaliz well” – It helps control creativity

3. Stay away from social media

Don’t post the requirement on social media because we, as video creators, will clog your posts. I know you love to have interactions in your LinkedIn post but that’s not going to help you. Ask your friends over a phone, they might put you on to the right vendor.

OR let me make it easy for you – CALL ME!!

Hope this helps you get some clarity on video creation.

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