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Types of Videos

Since the dawn of the digital age digital marketing has evolved tremendously. One of the recent evolutions is the birth of video marketing. Not just any video can market a product. There are a different types of videos used for every dimension of marketing. Before diving deep into those types, here is a quick look back at history.

As the world knows, the internet giant YouTube took birth in 2005. Since then videos from this online platform has turned the world of marketeer’s upside down.

When it comes to brands profiting out of videos, Nike was the first brand to set a lifetime record in YouTube. Ronaldinho’s Crossbar Challenge video from Nike received the first 1M views. Henceforth, the aspect of videos being viral content became a popular trend among brands.

Foreseeing today’s demand for videos, Google went ahead and bought YouTube for 1.65 Billion US Dollars. After which Google made some serious money with that indeed. And guess what, today YouTube is the most sought-after search engine after Google.

The demand for innovative videos emerged as viewers stopped enjoying the similar type of content being pushed out on the platform. Since videos have got this spotlight effect and craving for new type of content, thought leaders went out of the box and found ingenious ways to make videos appealing. That’s when different types of videos came into this battle of brand recognition.

So now if we come back to our question, what are the most important types of videos?

1. Product Video

Do you run a product-oriented business?

Then a product would be ideal fit for your business. The objective of the product video is to showcase the end to end features and specs of your product. This will let the viewers know how your product can add ease to their life or perhaps, even solve some problems.

2. Corporate Video

If you are running a corporate organization, look no far ahead than the corporate video.

The important aspect of a corporate video is to create an identity to the company and to empower the people behind the success of the organization.

3. Explainer Video

There have been instances when a product can be a little bit hard to understand from the first go. This is where an explainer video can step in and save the day.

The primary agenda of an explainer video is to educate the prospects on the features, comforts and advantages of your product.

4. Demo Video

Are you looking to give a look and feel of your product? Then go for the demo video without any hesitation.

The concept of demo video is to provide the audience a complete in and out experience of your product in terms of functionality and usability. The key focus would be the USPs of the product.

5. Interviews

Are you looking to show off expertise? Interview videos are the most powerful way to do that. Expert interviews are primarily created to inherit the personnel value to the brand value of the organization.

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