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Influence of Mobile Devices in Marketing

We are living in 2020 where the technology is at its bloom than ever before. Android and iOS platforms have permitted a personal digital space almost to anyone who owns them. Not to miss out India has over 500 Million active smartphone users (said by TRAI after a survey in December 2019).

Now let us think of the past, say a few decades ago. Back then people had extremely limited access to telecommunication, hardly a few had telephones. Only common way people consumed information was through reading print media and books. In contrast, today a 10-year-old can access most of the information in this world with a smartphone and internet. That is the liberty mobile devices have given to the mankind and most of us own some kind of mobile device.

This is where technology has given a boon to the marketers, the ability to reach a very huge crowd with a few clicks and personalized content. The advent of smartphones has been advantageous for marketing in several ways.

1) Increased Social Networking

We all know that the most cost-effective marketing medium is social media. Ofcourse the social media are accessible in a wide range of devices from PCs, Laptops, tablet, mobile phone etc. But the main aim of a social network user is to be connected at all times with their respective community. Smartphones on the other hand made this uninterrupted connectivity easier. Guess what? Over 90% regularly active social media users are accessing their profiles via smartphones. Also, not to miss out the social media networks that are specific to mobile phones such as Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok etc.

2) E-Commerce Made Easy

Most of us have started adopting to the online purchase culture, the main success behind this was the advent of smartphones. Mobile applications for e-commerce portals made it easier for the users to view and purchase their needs online. Most of the users prefer to purchase online using their smartphones as and when then find the need to buy something. To increase this desire of buying in users, e-commerce giants started pushing offers and discounts over SMS and push notifications from mobile apps, with single click purchase options. This ease of e-commerce cannot be facilitated in other type of devices.

3) Unified Cache and Tracking

One of the most interesting advantage of mobile devices is that they are the point of unification for the user's entire online activity. We all know that one Google’s account connects all our devices and most of us use chrome browsers across devices. We also have the same google account logged-in to the smartphone. Yeah, but how does this unification helps marketing? We marketeers know the importance of web cache for tracking and monitoring user behaviours. When all the activities of a user are unified through smartphones, it makes the life of marketers easy in personalising ads and promotions based on the person's interests and recent online activity.

4) Ease of Email Marketing

Email marketing usually receive a very low CTR due to several reasons. Although it is economical to send 1000 emails to a set of existing contacts, not many of the users were responding to email marketing until the advent of smartphones. Mobile phones on the other hand added an ease to access the mailbox via instant notification. This adversely reduced the time to acknowledge emails. This response rate combined with powerful email content writing slowly started improving email marketing campaigns. However, this would not have been possible without mobile devices.

5) Maximised Content Consumption

Smartphones have given our generation a marvellous advantage, to consume a wide variety of content on the go. Be it a video, an article or a podcast; mobile devices are compatible for a wide variety of content and this makes it easier for marketing. Brands can target audience who are inline with their expected prospective behaviour and push them a wide range of content from their marketing arsenal.

6) Mobile Applications

How can we miss mobile applications while talking about the advantages of mobile devices in marketing? Google Play Store features about 3 million smartphone applications as of December 2019, the same is expected to double in a year. Well these 3 million applications are not just for the utility, but they are in turn carriers of advertisements. Based on the intent of the applications, google segregates the same with relevant topics and push display ads, pop ups, application promotions and much more while the user is on it. This adds up to half of the display placements that google owns apart from partnered websites.

The population of smartphone users is always in the growth and people prefer to keep their smartphones up to date to cope up with the most recent advancements. As a marketeer we all got to take a moment and re-think our strategies of advertising while catering to this mass audience.

If you wonder how to personalize your ads for this smartphone generation, feel free to reach us out at info@productvideo.in (or) ring us at +91-9445557555. We'll be more than happy to help you out.

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