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How to create an impact in 90 Seconds?

Can you impress your audience in 90 seconds? This might sound crazy, but yes, you can actually do that.

This being the peak of digital revolution, people started exploiting the technology they have in hand. Since people can access information so easily their hunt for quality content is inevitable.

As a marketeer or a product specialist, you have just 90 seconds to make this digitally obsessed generation to listen to you. If you are unable to wow them in the first 10 seconds, you better change your digital marketing strategy to find another way.

I can hear you asking, “How can anyone wow the audience in 10 seconds?

The best and the more efficient to make people absorb your thoughts in 10 seconds is via visual content.

Still skeptical?

Here are some statistics that support that visual content is the next big thing in digital marketing.


Why videos are impressive?

1. Easy

It’s easier than reading, or even better than reading. Rather than scrolling through endless ocean of words, you audience can hit one button and watch the video without even touching the screen.

2. Mobile Friendly

Videos are the most preferred form of content with mobile users. They longer have struggle with reading from a digital medium, which may strain their eyes.

3. Builds Trust

People trust what they see and hear. Especially, when the video is rich in production and has crisp content. For instance, if you are planning to publish a testimonial in your social media platforms, you can either do it with written or video content. In written content, you can only establish their feelings via a text. But, if you post the same testimonial as a video content with the customer himself talking about your product or service, it can easily build trust.

4. Boosts Conversion

When a video is included in the product landing page, it is found to boost conversion rate by over 80%. People who have watched a product video is more likely to by the product.

5. SEO Friendly

Google loves videos, it improves your website’s SEO score and brings you to the top of the rankings if you have apt videos included in the website.

Now pops up the next question!

How to make the most out of videos?

1. Keep it short and sweet

Just because your audience will respond to videos, it doesn’t mean they are ready to watch an hour-long video. A recent study shows that people prefer not to skip an interesting 30 second ad that shows up in between and tend to avoid videos in social media if the duration is above 2 minutes.

Short videos are easy to create, friendly on the pocket and most importantly they tie up people until the end.

2. Give it a flow

If you are compelled to to make a one minute video it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stuff information with the stipulated time (Like the terms and conditions note at the end of an insurance policy advertisement).

Prioritize the content, create a smooth flow and showcase what is necessary.

3. Give it an Emotion

Emotional connect makes your audience feel that your product or service is a perfect choice for them. They should also be able to relate to a problem that you claim to solve or a luxury that you are going to offer.

Well how to work this magic?

Begin your videos with a pain point and show how your product can help to come over that problem and end it with a call to action.

Pretty simple huh? This problem solving emotional flow connects the audience with your product.

4. No sound must not be a problem

Remember a fact, 90% of the social media videos viewed are in mobile and most of them are watched without sound. If you need to impress this mass audience, your video needs to look and feel better even when it is muted. Crisp text and visual flow alone must be capable of conveying the story.

Be it a bigger brand advertising to retain the brand value or a start-up trying to introduce a newer product and gain traction in the market, innovative video ads have always been the game changer.

As the statistics support, people are least concerned to watch the cliché “Buy me” type of videos. As a video marketeer if you are able establish an emotional connect with your audience within 90 seconds, you’ll be in the sky high.

Having said all the above facts and information, we are happy to help you out with further clarifications on creating such engaging videos under 90s for your business. Feel free to reach us out at info@productvideo.in

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