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5 Types of Innovative Video Content for Marketing

Right from corporates, big brands, small businesses to start ups all the segments have understood the need for video marketing assets and have started acquiring video assets as a part of their marketing efforts.

Thought leaders have started investing a huge chunk of money towards video marketing. Start-ups and small businesses have started finding innovative ideas to create marketing videos at affordable budgets.

It's clear that marketing videos are now the talk of the town. But, have you asked yourself this question, "Am I using the video content to its fullest?". Yes, we all agree that video content is the top grossing for this generation of marketing. It doesn't always end with the creation of the content, the success of video content lies in how well it is being used.

Although there might not be any holy bible of marketing, the key to effectively consumed content is the engagement and responses to it.

Let us have a look at how the pioneers in marketing use the power of videos in their marketing efforts.

1) Corporate pitch presentation

We are all aware that most of the companies present their products and offerings with a corporate video and we must agree that it is a very effective in bringing in business and prospects. Business leaders and decision makers have very little time to spare and are not very easy to impress. That's where corporate presentation videos come handy. Haven't you created one yet?

2) Website introduction

Yes, you heard me right. Website is a business' online presence and people often look for a business's website before making an engagement. Hence to gain a competitive edge, businesses started placing a short intro video at the website landing portion. You know what? it was a huge and surprising success. A recent study says that websites with video in the landing portion have received 42% more response compared to the websites that doesn't. So, if you haven't placed a video in your website, this is the right time to think about it.

3) Educational videos

Whether a piece of thought leadership or a practical guide, educational content is the bread and butter of content marketing. Why not use video? It offers an enjoyable “lean-back” experience that promises to be interesting and short. Videos can be posted to your blog or even they can serve as an ungated trailer next to gated content.

4) Emailers

You probably communicate regularly with prospects and customers by email. Research by Brainshark shows that inclusion of video provides a 20 percent boost in open rates as well as higher click-through rates.

5) Responses to hot topics

Print is the easiest medium to produce and manage – once a statement is approved and locked down, everything else is copy and paste. But, what’s the hidden cost of leaving the reader “unsupervised”?

Video lets you marry tone and words, control the pace at which viewers move through a piece of content, and direct their eyes and ears to points of emphasis.

There are several ways found by thought leaders to apply their video content to play. Beware it is very specific to the business they run. Each business demands different ways of approach in content generation. You got to put yourself in the shoes of you prospects while trying to come up with the content suitable for them.

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