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5 Tips to Consider While Making a Corporate Video

The term “corporate video” doesn’t usually sound interesting to partners and prospective clients. The digital generation is undergoing an evolution as big brands and small businesses started adding a lot of thought to corporate videos.

Companies are trying to create content that engages the audience instead of promoting the product or company. Today, two-way communication between brands and consumers is made possible and as a result of that the companies have become storytellers. They have started leveraging video as a great storytelling tool.

Many companies consider corporate videos to be complex and too expensive. Also, we have to agree that not every medium-to small-size business can pump in millions into their marketing or advertising videos.

With the right content, a compelling concept, and a modest budget, any business can create engaging, high-quality corporate video.

So, to help you along we’ve pulled a list of tips for creating great, compelling corporate videos.

1) Purpose

Not all corporate videos are made for the same purpose. Some videos to attract new customers, some to get new employees. Some videos sell or promote a product; some may be more into increasing brand awareness. Thinking about the company’s offering and how to convey it in a video can give several ideas to choose upon.

· Customer testimonials showcase the trust people have on your brand or product.

· Employee testimonials can be a powerful way to attract new hires. If a former or present employee gives a positive review about your company, it pulls in a lot of attention.

· Product overviews can help prospective customers to learn more about your product.

· “How To” videos and explainers can be a big learning curve for the customers who are using your product or service.

· You can also try making a short case-study about a successful client that is leveraging your product.

2) Plan

There is an artistry behind filmmaking which may haunt you, but the resource handling behind the is quite tough. As most good business leaders know, at the heart of getting things done is a precise, farsighted plan, so don’t rush it. The same applies for the art of film making. Plan everything precisely.

Once you’ve set the goal of the video, make sure you have all the below questions answered.

1. Who are going to be the key input providers from the company?

2. Which portions need outsourcing?

3. How much is the budget?

4. What is the timeline?

These are just some of the initial questions for you. But, having a plan is considering what needs to get done, how to get it done, who will do it, and when it will be done. The biggest mistake companies do is trying to do it all alone. Video is a collaborative medium and requires a team.

To get over this, find the people in your company who are interested in creative expression or hire appropriate professionals.

3) Connect, Engage, & Entertain

Whileworking on the story that will support your video’s purpose, understand that not all stories are the same. Some are emotional, some are funny, some are action packed.

Videos cost serious time and money and there is no reason to spend both on an inappropriate video. As you plan your video, consider deciding which story type would engage & entertain the audience.

Once you have decided the story type and the flow, think how to connect all the dots using the video you are trying to make. Identifying the dots is the first key to the puzzle, while connecting them wisely using the video is the most complex task.

4) Production Quality

Just because you are you are creating a video content for marketing, It need not be up to the standards of a blockbuster Hollywood movie. At the same time it can’t look like somebody shot it on a mobile phone. If you want corporate videos that will have some real impact, you need to invest in them like any other marketing measure or company initiative.

The best way to ensure production quality is to hire professionals.

In today’s competitive video production market there would be several video agencies in your area at your budget. Ask friends for recommendations, search online, find their websites and review their work, find someone who does work you like and begin a conversation about budget and ideas.

You can often find video production firms that will do everything from concept to post-production or others who may want you to work on the concept and they will come in for production and post-production. Find one that works with what you want.

5) Publishing

Filmmakers have a saying,

“A movie isn’t complete unless seen by an audience”

The same is true for your videos. So, don’t get too caught up in production and post-production that you forget about marketing and distribution.

YouTube is a wonderful place to publish your video. Apart from being the most popular video hosting site, it is the second most popular search engine after Google, and its results are also prominent on Google searches.

More important than the hosting is the promotion. Facebook, Twitter, your company blog, website, and email list are all great ways to spread your videos. An occasional update with video clips will be liked by can be a roaring success.

Having said all the above information, we hope that it’d be useful for you while working on your next video content. Visit our other blogs that maybe helpful for you


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