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5 Reasons Why Vertical Videos are Game Changing

Whether you are a small, medium or large business, video marketing is the way to go. If you differ from our thoughts, take a peek at these stats:

· 82% of business consider videos as an integral part of their marketing strategy.

· 91% of consumers who are willing to learn more about a product, had watched a video about the product.

These numbers are quite impressive right?

When vertical videos first come out, they were considered inconvenient due to reduced size and contrast to wide screens. It looked amateurish and considered unfit for business.

However, with the rising popularity of smartphones, vertical videos gained fame to a point that they now outperform horizontal videos across social media platforms.

Am I not able to convince you yet? Here are 5 reasons to why you must start using vertical videos on your social media as a part of your video marketing strategy.

1. Smart phones rule the world

Nobody can deny this fact. At home while watching TV, transit from and to work, during breaks etc., people access social networks.Research shows that people access social media on mobile the most, and it’s natural that they do it vertically.

Most importantly, vertical aspect ratio of smartphones adds up to its ease of usability. And videos are no exception! In fact, according to the MOVR Mobile Overview Report from December 2014, 94% of users hold their phone vertically when watching a video even if it’s a horizontal video. So why go against the flow?

2. Mobile Friendly Social Networks

The more the world chose smartphones, the more social networks started adapting to mobile interface. After all, the priority is to keep the audience stay connected for longer. If the only way you catch up to the social life is through your smartphone, you can understand how important it is!

Now, Ask yourself this question. How do you usually hold your phone? Yep, vertically! You see where dots are getting connected? Holding your phone vertically enables you type and access menus at ease. And social networks speculate this ease!

Not only being mobile-friendly, but optimized for supreme mobile experiences. For the same reason, in 2017 Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap chat and YouTube removed black bars on vertical videos, elevating the user experience.

3. Vertical Gets Better Response

Vertical videos benefit not only the users and social networks, but do wonders for businesses. In fact, advertisers who used vertical videos for product promotion say that they received better responses than the ones that didn’t, especially when it comes to views and engagement.

For Wibbitz, a platform to create automated videos, the usage of vertical videos meant a 130% increment on views and 4 times more engagement on Facebook. Not bad, eh?

Marketing specialists agree that it catches more of the viewer’s attention, which the need of the hour when you are advertising.

4. Focus What Needs to Be

It is true that that an advertiser want people’s complete attention. We also have to admit that we have only 10 to 15 seconds to make a prospect notice a product.

Let’s try a horizontal video with your phone upright. Isn’t there too much distraction?

Vertical videos enable users to focus on what needs to be: your brand & your product/offering. No other content to distract, no comment section to clog the curiosity, just the video on full screen.

Snapchat, happens to be the social network that represents the “vertical video revolution” at its best. With the growing popularity of short vertical videos, Snapchat came up with new ways for advertisers to reach their audience.

It doesn’t end here. According to MediaBrix, using vertical videos improves watch time. It is found that horizontal videos receive an average watch time of about 14%. While vertical video ads, on the other hand, receive a 90% completion rate.

5. Minimal Effort in Usability!

Let us be honest. We all have little laziness in us, don’t we? You and I included. If we are making even a minimal effort to do something, chances are we won’t. Even more so when we are relaxing on social media, because while relaxing we adopt a more passive posture, and that’s ok.

We got so used to reading emails, running through gallery and even watching videos vertically, that we never turn our phones sideways.

So if your advertisement commercial is horizontal, you might be losing an opportunity to get the attention.

Having said all the above facts and information, we are happy to help you out with further clarifications on creating such engaging videos in vertical layout. Feel free to reach us out at info@productvideo.in

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